Craft Brewers that use VicinityBrew – the brewery operations component of the Brew it Forward solution – are able to see demand out into the future with built in forecasting and planning tools. VicinityBrew software gives you the ability to group your brewing schedule by recipe, allowing the scheduler to group like beers in different package sizes for better scheduling. Many beers can be produced from the same batch ticket or production run, if they share the same recipe. The result is improved production efficiency and profits.
When a scheduler has visibility into finished good demand and can view that demand based on common recipe, the scheduler is able to create larger batches by combining demand for multiple container sizes. Creating a larger batch size and scheduling production by recipe can increase operational efficiency. Scheduling by recipe also allows the production team to minimize clean ups and downtime. And all machine downtime equals lower operational productivity.
The craft brewing industry has never been more competitive.  Embracing new ideas is what brought you to where you are today, but have you been keeping up with your competitors? It’s not only Fortune 500 companies that are reinventing themselves. A common challenge for breweries is production scheduling. If only the production schedule could group products that use the same base formula or recipe, brewers would gain efficiency by creating longer runs. In brewing, multiple finished products can be made from the same recipe. A scheduler may make a bright beer that goes into 100 kegs or 1,000 bottles. Both products share the same recipe, but each has different packaging. The scheduler may have a requirement for bottles this week and kegs the following week…or both for next Thursday!

Craft Brewers Take It Personally

There is no industry where the product so reflects the passion of the makers. As a craft brewer, your personal commitment to quality and innovation is what fuels success. So, how do you maintain the personal touch as the business grows? When you automate business processes that ensure consistent production, predict inventory needs and simplify regulation compliance, you can continue to guarantee quality while you build capacity and expand distribution. VicinityBrew@ is a business management system designed to support the craft brew process — from field to tap. Underlying VicinityBrew’s craft beer process management is Microsoft technology that delivers state-of-the-art data access and business intelligence. With VicinityBrew and Microsoft Dynamics, you will forecast more accurately, monitor production easily and have full visibility into your cash position.

Quality Assurance

Manage quality control test results by brew and formula for targeted review. Track COAs with the wort, bright beer and product for insight on variations. Document and standardize processes to achieve reliable results at larger volumes and across brewing sites

Production Control

Track actual versus planned raw-material usage by brew or recipe. Review anticipated raw-material shortages based on a centralized production schedule. Measure yield results over time to identify cost fluctuations

Financial Insight

Analyze ongoing material requirements using existing sales orders or forecasts. Monitor actual costs by product, formula or production facility over a given time period. Simplify month-end closing with fully integrated financial, distribution, manufacturing and inventory-control systems

Production Planning

Detailed, day-by-day schedule of steps to be performed, keeps production on schedule. Monitor results by process type — brew, fermentation and packaging — as well as by resource — brewhouse, fermenter, bright tank or packaging line. When batches are delayed in processing or that fail QC testing, the production scheduler is automatically notified.

Simplify Compliance

Manage quality control test results by brew and formula for targeted review. Track COAs with the wort, bright beer and product for insight on variations. Document and standardize processes to achieve reliable results at larger volumes and across brewing sites.

Centralize Purchasing

Take advantage of economies of scale to cut costs with centralized purchasing. Standardize material specifications to ensure consistent hops, malt and packaging quality. Record and monitor raw materials testing notes by item and receipt to evaluate vendor performance.

brewmasterThe Brewmaster

  • Master formulas, including quality tests & observations
  • Centralized recipe management

ControllerThe Controller

  • Automated compliance reporting, including TTB and excise tax
  • Fully integrated systems for real-time reporting and fast month end closing

IT_ManagerThe IT Manager

  • Familiar Microsoft technology and reporting
  • Choice of depolyment

Quality_ManagerThe Quality Manager

  • Centralized batch ticket processing for quality control and testing
  • Lot traceability for full recall control

SchedulerThe Scheduler

  • Multi-dimensional visual scheduling
  • Automatic notifications of production changes


  • Integrated systems provide organization-wide dashboards
  • Full insight into product margin to maximize profits
In this digital age, a web store isn't just a luxury... it's a necessity. Selling online allows you to reach new markets, increase revenue and lower overhead costs. Briware Solutions brings you all the features and technology offered by k-eCommerce with a responsive web design that makes shopping on your web store easy and efficient. Because your web store will be available 24/7/365, your clients can make no-fuss purchases no matter where they are, whenever it’s convenient for them. From a selection of trusted payment options to an integrated tax and shipping calculator, it has never been easier to fulfill and track your customers’ orders and distribution.
Dealing with Grocery chains isn’t always easy. With multiple distribution centers, centralized billing, planned demand and shipping calendars, returns allowances and other rebates simply recording an order can be a complex process. Then, once the order’s been taken, you still need to get the product to the right destination at the designated time, issue an invoice, and then collect your funds.

With features personalized by customer that allow them to:

  • Manage their own ship to addresses and sales taxes
  • Place orders, including scheduled and recurring orders
  • Track those orders through your picking and packing process
  • View current and planned inventory levels alongside pricing for their custom catalogue of products
  • Track shipments made via FedEx, UPS, or Canada Post
  • Review outstanding invoices
  • Make payments against open invoices

Why Companies adopt an ERP System
Process Integration 54%
Resolve Order Processing Issues 50%
Hardware & Software Obsolescence 50%
Resolve Data Duplication/Errors 38%
Reduce excess inventory 35%
K-eCommerce, an integral component of Briware Solutions’ “Brew it Forward” solution, will help ensure your orders are taken and processed more efficiently. Through a tight integration to Dynamics GP, not only is your order processing streamlined, but billing, collections, and reporting are also a breeze. In addition, with an innovative Sync Technology, real time seamless integration from the ERP to the web store is created to support bi-directional flow of information.